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Caleb-Elliott-Storm-Videos-LLC-CEO-1 About Us

Caleb Elliott

Founder/CEO and Storm Chaser

Meet the team behind the company:

Let us show you how we can help make your next project easy and enjoyable.

LaShawnda-Elliott-Florida-photographer-Storm-Videos-LLC-1 About Us

LaShawnda Elliott

Photographer, Tech Analyst and Coffee Lover

StormVids.com wants to be your tornado footage and storm videos stock footage source.

We have collaborated with Live Storms Media LLC so you can be assured that you are getting the best cinematic 4K and Ultra HD storm stock footage and ENG video experience around.  Our stock footage is available in several formats, resolutions, and codecs.  Currently, we encode in h264 and HEVC (h265) (upon request)  in screen resolutions that will bring you closer to the storms action and make you feel as though you are there.

From the swaying palm trees in a hurricane to the flying debris in an EF4 Nebraska tornado, we strive to bring the weather videos to your video projects in a way that modernizes video content for newsroom and television broadcasters, advertisers, website publishers, and film makers for the next generation of production quality commercial and editorial video use.

Storm Videos LLC has worked with numerous broadcast and production companies throughout our history, including The Weather Channel, ABC News, CBS news, CNN, BBC, NBC and tons of local news stations.  We also have worked with international news agencies in Australia and the UK.  Storm Videos LLC has shot tornado video, snowstorms,  close lightning strikes, and even historical hurricanes (such as Hurricane Matthew).

A Quick Bio

Caleb has always had an enthusiasm for aviation and severe weather.  Ever since he was a kid painting model aircraft, he would listen to the weather radio every spring day in the hopes of hearing that severe weather might happen.  Caleb is now an airline pilot and owner of Storm Videos LLC, a small business in the KCMO area that focuses on severe weather cinematography and stock footage for film and TV productions.  In the past, he gained experience breaking news videography as the owner of Wx-Pilot.com where, in 2012 where he and fellow chase partner, Skip Talbot, chased and saw tornadic supercell storms from a plane.    Caleb has a passion for weather and getting “the shot” in extreme weather and he loves shooting video of the most intense weather in the US.

Our videos are shot in Cine 4K, 6K and Ultra HD where we then render footage to meet our clients needs.  We either render at full resolution or  downsample to a smaller resolution to really bring out the sharpness and clarity to our Ultra HD and Full HD stock footage libraries.  We use top of the line photography and video equipment and modern/standard video encoding techniques to encode our videos in the most user friendly formats in the market today.  Although we do not use Apple’s ProRes 422 for encoding, some of our footage is shot in ProRes 422.  Footage is also rendered in DNxHR HQX 10bit, which is identical to ProRes 422, offers the “standard” in the film production industry.  We can also encode our videos in h264 and h265 with mp4 and mov formats, upon request.  Sure, there may be a lot of cinematographers that make stock footage….but we don’t just shoot stock or ENG footage.  We shoot real-life dramatic weather events.

Is 4K and higher really the future of broadcast media and video content?  Check out this infographic and you’ll see why we shoot our storm videos in 4K and 6K UHD resolutions.
Fast-Forward-to-4K-future-infograhic About Us

Infographic from Intelsat.com