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06/14/2014 – Pilger, NE – Up close big deadly twin tornadoes

On 06/14/2014, a particularly dangerous tornado situation developed in Nebraska. Several confirmed tornadoes impacted the small town of Pilger, NE in a historic tornado event that produced two big, deadly EF-4 tornadoes at the same time.

Shot list:
1. Up close shot of the tornado that destroyed the town of Pilger Nebraska as it crossed a field.

2. Wide angle shot of one of the Pilger twin tornadoes then zoomed in to show the tornado damaging a cattle farm in close detail.

3. zoomed in close range shot of tornado destroying a house that belongs to the Wermhoff family in Pilger, NE

4. A house completely destroyed by the Pilger tornado. The family was inside as they sought shelter from the tornado as it damaged the house.

5. Wide angle shot driving towards the two tornadoes at the same time crossing a road near Pilger Nebraska

6. Panning wide-angle shot of two EF-4 tornadoes on the ground at the same time

7. Wide angle shot of a weakening tornado getting ready to destroy a house as a concerned driver worries about the people in the house.

8. Wide angle close range shot of a storm chaser that has one tornado to the east of Pilger and another tornado directly in front. The shot then zooms in to see a driver frantically turning around to flee from the tornado as tornado debris swirls violently across the road.

9. Zoomed in shot of tornado damaging the town of Pilger lifting large debris into the air.

10. Wide angle shot of a storm chaser approaching the Pilger tornado as the second tornado develops further east. The town of Pilger sustained massive tornado damage.

11. Slightly zoomed in shot of the second Pilger Nebraska tornado that developed further east.

12. Slightly out of focus shot through powerlines of the first Pilger Nebraska tornado as it developed.

Footage Specifications

Item ID: TeWGj7EhuDw
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Format: .mp4 / h264
Location: Pilger, NE
Clip Duration:
By: Storm Videos LLC


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