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08-27-2017 Houston, Texas Blackhawk and Coast Gaurd Helicopter Lorenson/Elliott

Stock Footage: Highway 59 in Houston, Texas was the greatest by the Blackhawk this afternoon. Does helicopter was being used to help with evacuations. Along with the Coast Guard helicopter which was also being used for the same thing.

Shot 1. Driving shot approaching state troopers and Houston police on HWY 59

Shot 2-4. Wide, medium, zoomed shot of a Blackhawk in the middle of HWY 59

Shot 5-6. Static shot of Houston Police and State Troopers on HWY 59

Shot 7-8. Panning and static shots of a Blackhawk taking off from on top of HWY 59

Shots 9-10. Shots of a Coast Gaurd Helicopter flying over the convention center where evacuees were being dropped off

Licensing available in Full HD.

Footage Specifications

Item ID: PPp0bJmBrXw
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Format: DNxHR HQX 10-bit (ProRes 422 equivalent) / .mov
Speed: Real-time
Location: Houston, TX
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