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Beautiful Huge Tornado Chase in Colorado. Cheyenne Wells Co – 05/09/2015

While storm chasing through Colorado, we tracked a huge and very photogenic tornado producing supercell thunderstorm from the Lamar, CO area up north towards the Cheyenne Wells, CO area. This was probably the most beautiful tornado we have ever witnessed. A few chasers further west actually documented this series of tornadoes with a rainbow in front of it. This was also my wife’s first time seeing tornadoes in Colorado!

This was a very large powerful tornado, we were parked about a quarter mile from the storm sitting on a Colorado back road outside of Cheyenne Wells. We were close enough that there was a handful of other chasers and we all watched in wonderment as it tore through an open field. This was a chase to remember, a beautiful rope tornado started it out, followed by a large wedge and the clouds seemed so close you could touch them. This was a fantastic chase day that had many twists, turns and Colorado backroads.

Footage Specifications

Item ID: PqTRhYOugHs
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Format: .mp4 / h264
Location: Cheyenne Wells, CO
Clip Duration:
By: Storm Videos LLC


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