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Death of a Supercell: Timelapse of a Dying Storm

Stock Footage: An outflow boundary stalled across south central and southeastern Kansas made an opportunity for severe thunderstorms on the afternoon of June 29, 2017. Parameters were in place to support tornadic supercell thunderstorms, large hail and damaging winds. However, mid level temperatures were warmer than forecast and prevented the storms from reaching their full severe potential. This capping effect caused the storms to erupt but eventually have the updraft “choked off” by the warmer temperatures aloft. This video highlights what that capping or choking looked like in time lapse.

Licensing available in 4K, 6K, Ultra HD and Full HD.

Footage Specifications

Item ID: 14RYD31jahw
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 / 1.9:1
Format: DNxHR HQX 10-bit (ProRes 422 equivalent) / .mov
Speed: Time-lapse
Location: Kansas
Shot by: Caleb Elliott (StormVids.com)
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