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Stock Footage: On July 12th, 2017, a slow moving boundary kicked of a round of sever thunderstorms across much of the upper Midwest and all the way down to northern Missouri. Strong winds and dangerous lightning strikes were the main severe weather threat.

Storm Video Shot List:
1. Strong thunderstorm winds toppled a tree in to the road in Gallatin, MO
2. A tree blown down on a power line lays in the road.
3. Zoomed in shot of numerous large tree branches lay across the roads in Gallatin, MO
4. Wider angle shot showing numerous trees across the road near a stop sign.
5. A large tree fell on top of a truck.
6. Emergency personnel with flashing lights warn drivers of a tree that was blown down on the road.
7. A large tree branch knocked down by the storm winds in front of a house.
8-11. Produciton camera shots of amazing lightning strikes in normal speed and 50% speed.
12-18. Production camera shots of incredible lightning strikes, normal speed.
19-21. Camcorder shots of awesome lightning strikes over Gallatin, MO
22-26. POV dashcam shots of lightning strikes and bolts.

Licensing available in 4K Ultra HD and Full HD.

Footage Specifications

Item ID: qtBpJyuZjyY
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Format: DNxHR HQX 10-bit (ProRes 422 equivalent) / .mov
Speed: Real-time
Location: Gallatin, Missouri
Shot by: Caleb Elliott (StormVids.com)
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Master copy pricing available upon request.


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