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Up Close Twin Tornadoes – Pilger Nebraska – 06/16/2014

These destructive tornadoes devastated the town of Pilger, Nebraska on 6.16.14 leaving the town in ruins and almost completely wiped off the map.  Two people were fatally wounded in these tornadoes.  Twin tornadoes are not entirely rare.  From multi-vortex tornadoes, which is numerous individual vortices swirling beneath a main vortex, to the somewhat typical twin tornado involving a main tornado and an outer-meso anti-cyclonic rotating smaller tornado.  However, this was different.  These two tornadoes had separate velocity signatures on radar and individual meso-cyclones.  They were both rated at EF-4 status based on confirmation from the National Weather Service.  This type of twin tornado was rare.

Footage Specifications

Item ID: mDqALzjG-Uo
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Format: .mp4 / h264
Location: Pilger, Nebraska
Clip Duration:
By: Storm Videos LLC


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