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Winter storm decima Icy Roads in Kansas City,MO

WinterStormDecima is making an impact on travel conditions around the Kansas City, Missouri area this evening. Temperatures were slightly above freezing which misled drivers into thinking the roads would not be icy or slick. As rush hour traffic got underway, drivers soon learned just how slick the roads were. Numerous rollover #accidents with injuries, cars that slid into phone poles, and this three car pileup at 435/I35 intersection in Kansas City. Three cars crashed due to slick and icy roads. An additional 2 cars slid into the median and ditch on the opposite side of 435 northbound. No injuries were reported at the time of this video. Road crews are out combating the deteriorating #weather conditions and driving is only going to get more difficult as the winter weather advisory weather picks up.

Footage Specifications

Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Format: .mp4 / h264
Location: Kansas City, MO
Clip Duration:
By: Storm Videos LLC


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